Publicity in social media

ICT Meta Cluster wrote: “Remember when ICT Meta Cluster and Fiber Optic Valley helped the Swedish sensor company Psidac AB to succeed at the world’s second biggest healthcare trade fair? Thanks to that, Psidac AB is now implementing pilot projects in five different hospitals in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Dubai, one of them is NMC […]

Mentioned at Gävleborg 2013

Psidac AB got an article at Gävleborg 2030 site, as an example of a company helping them reaching their target on research and innovations.   Swedish sensors prevent infections spreading in hospitals – success in Dubai In Dubai in the last week of January, the sensor company PSIDAC AB from Iggesund enjoyed great success at […]

Fiberoptic valley news – SE

This is an article in Swedish from the Swedish Fiber Optic Valley site. Se original here. Svenska sensorer hindrar smittospridning på sjukhus – Gensvaret som vi fick var något som jag aldrig upplevt under mina 30 år på olika mässor berättar Björn Österlund, vd och ägare av PSIDAC. Som den enda leverantören av den här […]

A success!

A successful Arab Health where the new CPS system 6000 was introduced. The feedback was very positive and brought a lot of attention because of the simplicity and ease of use. The response was the most positive with an introduction that I have seen during my 30 years of exhibitions. Some images from the trip: