Björn Österlund, CEO PSIDAC:

“We’re always interested in new distributors”

Two decades have passed since Psidac first started off as a garage company in Sweden, today supplying high-end smart sensors internationally. CEO Björn Österlund intends to substantially grow the network of distributors, especially in Asia.

He’s got a gentle approach and a warm handshake. An employment in the military in his youth made way for his present self; a technology innovator with a genuine hope for a safer society. Improving hospital working environment and preventing the spreading of air-borne diseases is key. Björn’s engagement in developing intelligent sensor solutions started when he hit the roof with big employers.

    “I served many years in several international enterprises, but at the end of the line I found little support for creativity. No hard feelings, absolutely not, but I needed to decide in what direction to go.”



Simplicity for the health sector

Psidac is characterized by simplicity and curiosity; product development is always on-going and driven by the vision that users will benefit from it. To be bold: even humanity. After all, saving lives is a realistic objective, as well as creating a clean working environment for healthcare professionals.

     “Ever since we started off, leading a project for the Public Health Agency of Sweden, the public health sector has been our main priority. Through the years of manufacturing our air-pressure measuring system, we’re astonished to see how many hospitals are not protected at all against airborne diseases”, says Björn Österlund. “All our products are designed to make air pressure monitoring easy. A green display is safe but showing red needs immediate attention.”



“We are dependent of local representation rather than travelling ourselves.”




Growing the network of distributors

You could suggest that green represents the company’s values. Freshness, health, cleanliness and safety are benefits of Psidac’s product range. The vision was clear from the start; to reach a wide international market. Being a slim organization, Psidac needs to expand the network of distributors.

     “Asia is an important market and we have a close relationship with our distributors. We will increase our support to them with training and demonstration of our products to help reaching their end customers. We’re at the start of a journey of growth and we are dependant of local representation rather than travelling ourselves.”

Björn Österlund is looking at Asia from a wide perspective but points at Turkey, China, Japan and Singapore as hot spots for expansion. Psidac is already well established in Northern Europe. Distributors can count on a dedicated manufacturer support that takes responsibility for the aftermarket. Products are designed, manufactured, programmed and tested in Sweden.



What drives you?

“Without a doubt: a passion for our customers. It’s very fulfilling when we’re able to solve their problems and present a product they really need. Mutual respect and a constructive dialogue always remains the core of the company.”



Where are you in five years?

“In the next couple of years we will reach out to R & D resources in a wider sense. In five years we aim to be represented in all continents through our distributors. Psidac already delivers customized products to any environment where air pressure must be supervised. With our latest system upgrade our portfolio is close to complete, and the variety of applications is practically endless.”

PSIDAC and customers in Dubai.
   “In our business you need to stay curious.”

Johannes Vonck is a skilled technician, specialized in assembly and lately 3D-modelling for product printing. He divides his spare time between the gym and his blues band. The past few years he’s been involved full time in Psidac and is into product development with all his heart.

Johannes believes in a strong development for Psidac in the next twelve months.

“I’m excited to see how our new products are embraced by the market. Being part of a small innovative company like ours means constant change and you need to stay curious.”

Lis Berglund works in Psidac’s assembly line.