New Pressure Sensor Models


We are happy to release three new pressure sensor models!

Our FlowGuard 6280 pressure transmitter is still there and has the same functions/specifications. Untouched since there’s no reason to change a successful product.


But it got a new little brother, FlowGuard model 6279, which has the same sensor, modbus and analogue outputs etc, but no alarm functions, no relay etc. Therefore it’s not aimed for our CPS-systems, but for simple pressure measuring applications where you just need a good longterm reliable sensor.


The big brother, FlowGuard 6282, comes with alarms and alarm relay. It’s got 4 alarms, 2 for negative pressure (Neg Hi/Lo-alarm) and 2 for positive pressure (Pos Hi/Lo-alarm). It can be used in switching applications like operation rooms, various dynamic rooms in hospitals etc. The 6282 is ready for our CPS systems that handles Dual room modes.


The most advanced new pressure transmitter is FlowGuard 6283. It’s got all the functions from the 6282 plus it can measure and calculate airflow (l/s), air velocity (m/s) and Air Changes per Hour (ACPH) which is important in cleanrooms, hospitals etc.


Please find a comparison table/guide for the new models [here].


The pressure transmitters can be ordered with various options like alarm relay, auto zero valve (auto calibration), display visible through the lid/cover. And of course in various sensors like BiDirect, Unidirect, Thermal (for really low pressures). See our product pages for all models.


All our sensor models can be ordered with a calibration certificate, contact us for more information.


Let us know if you have any questions or inquiries on our pressure transmitters. Or if you’re looking for other ranges/functions – we also produce customized versions.



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